NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan

OLP Associations

NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan (The Association) was incorporated on 29th July, 2010 by merging Modaraba Association of Pakistan (MAP) and Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP). The Association is a trade body that represents the Modarabas, Leasing Companies and Investment Banks.

The mission of the Association is to provide a forum to the Member Companies in Pakistan, to confer on all issues of common interest, to formulate join strategies for their operations. The Association is striving to restore the image of the Financial Services sector in Pakistan.

Overseas Investor Chamber of Commerce and Industry

OLP Associations

Established in 1860 as the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) serves as a platform to promote foreign investments thereby playing a major role in the growth of commerce and industry in the country.

As the oldest and largest investment Chamber, OICCI draws on a diverse membership both in terms of sector and geography with the current 208 members representing 35 different countries and 14 different sectors of trade and industry.