Corporate Lease

Your ideal business partner

The cornerstone of OLP business activities is provision of Lease / finance facilities to Corporate Customers especially, Small and Medium Enterprises, to meet their business expansion requirements.

OLP offers tailor made financial products to its corporate customer to acquire movable and immovable assets without putting a strain on your cash flows

Corporate Lease financing is provided for medium to long terms basis for acquisition of plant and machinery, vehicles and office automation products.

Our staff is well trained to provide personalized service to structure a lease according to the lessee’s requirements which may include step-up/step down lease rentals, fixed rate/variable rate lease rentals, grace period, balloon payment options, etc.

Finance lease is based on the principle that profits are earned through usage and not through the ownership of an asset. This very concept has fueled modern lease financing as an alternate method of financing.

How does it work

All you have to do is identify an asset that you need for your business.

Our dedicated staff would coordinate with you for submission of required documents for credit evaluation and review.

Subsequent to credit review and approval for your business, OLP will purchase the asset(s) and provide you with unlimited usage of the asset for a predetermined repayment period structured according to agreed terms and conditions.

Finance lease allows you to release cash tied up in recently purchased assets through the ‘sale and lease back’ transaction, which increases the working capital available to your business.

OLP has provided comprehensive leasing services to companies across the country for more than three decades.