Insurance: Corporate Agency

We, at OLP, have always endeavored to provide innovative and value added services to our clients; arranging insurance of the leased / financed assets is one of them. Encouraged by this experience, OLP has decided to provide insurance coverage to the business and assets of the clients which are not leased/financed through OLP. For this purpose, OLP has entered into “CORPORATE AGENCY AGREEMENT” with leading insurance companies of Pakistan who have an established reputation of providing best services in the insurance industry. OLP’s experience of arranging insurance from these companies has been remarkable which is evidenced by a very large satisfied portfolio of OLP.


As a CORPORATE AGENT, OLP offers to arrange all type of General Insurance coverage including but not limited to Motor, Fire, Marine etc. as per customer’s requirement. Our professional and cordial staff across the country, is looking forward to providing the best services for insurance arrangements.